I thought it would be interesting and fun to illustrate some young people practicing their music in their isolated bedrooms, basements, and garages the way so many of us have. Some of them may be dreaming of rock and roll super-stardom, others inspired by an artist that spoke to them or challenged them, or maybe because music is the only way they have found to effectively express themselves.


Stuff that was used that isn't mine and credits when I could find them:

Madvillain Madvillainy design by Jeff Jank

Ween "Boognish" icon

Gang Of Four Entertainment! album cover by Jon King and Andy Gill, ESG Come Away With ESG album cover, Joy Division Closer album cover by Peter Saville, Bad Brains design by David Lee Parsons, Ramones C.B.G.B. Handbill - 1975, Blondie poster

Melvins poster design by Lucky Bunny, Mastodon logotype

Sonic Youth gig poster

Rush 2112 poster